How One Digital PR Campaign Got Us 1000 Linking Domains And 5X The Traffic For A Cyber Security Platform.

How One Digital PR Campaign Got Us

  • 593 Linking Domains
  • 5X The Traffic

For A Blockchain Gaming Platform

1.2K+ links

earned from 593 referring domains

Average DR49+

of the earned links

5X The Traffic

since the campaign launched

Chris Nguyen Chris Nguyen Last Update: January 11, 2024

About The Client

ChainPlay is a blockchain gaming platform that allows gamers to easily access, manage, and enjoy their favorite NFT games. ChainPlay provides users with a unified interface for acknowledging their NFT game profiles, tracking game news, and staying up to date on NFT games.

The Challenge

The site launched in early 2022. Despite gaining some traction at first, traffic began to slow down and decline with the crypto crash around March 2022.

At that time, link building was not their priority. They tried guest posting for a while, but the links they got had low authority and didn’t seem to pass any link juice to their targeted pages.

As Bitcoin hits a new low in June 2022, Chainplay saw their traffic drop more than 20% overnight, and they knew they needed to change.

ChainPlay came to us in late June 2022 to find a solution to their problem. We partnered with ChainPlay as their digital PR agency two weeks later with the goal of building high authority backlinks for their site and closing the link gap between them and their competitors.

Our Approach

There were hundreds of reports providing Crypto data in the last few years, but they typically took a too-broad approach to the topic and did not delve deeper specifically into blockchain games.

We knew that for the report to stand out and get press attention, it would have to not only include unique insights about GameFi investors and key players in the industry but also be done on a global scale.

This would make the information more newsworthy and relevant to a wider audience.

Our research team then looks deeper into the industry. We conducted a survey that contained 40 questions specially designed for blockchain game investors.

By using ChainPlay’s existing community and a few trusted research platforms, we were able to get 2428 qualified participants worldwide for our survey.

The State of GameFi 2022 Report saw us take a deep dive into blockchain games. It sheds light on the current state, challenges, opportunities, and future trends of the industry.

The Results

The results were beyond our expectations.

The campaign was launched in August 2022, and it took less than 30 days to earn more than 500 linking domains from all over the world.

To date, the State of GameFi 2022 Report has earned 1200 backlinks from 593 referring domains. Links earned are from Business Insider, Coin Telegraph, Coin Desk, Yahoo, and more.

And the best part?

The campaign continues to attract new organic links months after we closed outreach, and we see ChainPlay’s traffic growing 5X since the campaign launched (from 8k in late August 2022 to 40k in January 2023).

All of this occurs during the crypto bear market, which significantly reduces the campaign’s viral potential.

The process is somewhat on autopilot for the ChainPlay team, as we have a total of 3 check-ins for ideation, the first draft, and the final draft. We handle the entire process of ideation, data collection, copy and design, coding, and press promotion. All they have to do is say yes or no at each check-in.

By finding an “insight gap” in existing content in our client’s niche, we are able to launch a data-driven digital PR campaign that is credible, relatable, and newsworthy while still giving the target audience a good impression of ChainPlay.

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